What is wedding registry all about?

Planning a wedding is maybe one of the most difficult things you will have to do, especially since the emotional factor is strongly influencing all your decisions. Another aspect that will make everything so complicated is that there are plenty of choices to make, from the venue, to the theme, music, menu, decorations, outfit and the list can go on. Even if most people think that before the wedding, planning it is the hardest part, you need to know that you will also have to think in advance about the following period. For this reason, there is a practice that has become very popular in the past years, called wedding registry. This means that the marrying couple compiles a list of all the gifts they would like to receive and shares it with all their family and friends, in order for those to get the bridal registry ideas and purchase the most suitable presents.


You may wonder how this system works and why it has become so popular, and the answer is very simple: it is automated and provides multiple benefits. Of course, the couple needs to find a retailer offering registry services, so that they can choose from their products and create their wish list. This is made public, and all the wedding participants can see it and choose what they are about to buy. The name of the person who bought the gift is not displayed and the retailer is in charge of updating the list constantly, as soon as an item is bought or the couple wants to add more things to it. Although years ago, the list was limited by the retailers’ offers, nowadays you can also choose products that do not belong to the same retailer, which means more variety and the possibility to choose from a wider range of potential gifts. You will not have a brand or a price limit, and this flexibility makes things much easier. Given the increasing popularity of this practice, it has actually become an established part of British weddings and a lot of department stores, malls or shopping centres have introduced the registry service in their systems. Besides the brick and mortar shops, there are also plenty of online platforms, such as Everything Begins, providing wedding registry services: all you have to do is visit the web page, choose the products you like and add them to a virtual basket that the guests will get access to.


This system has many benefits, not only for you, as a marrying person, but also for the guests. Everyone knows the struggle of choosing something meaningful for a dear person, especially taking into consideration the price, importance, utility and so on. With the gift registry ideas, one can simply see the list and rest assured that the objects they are going to buy are exactly what you need. This tool facilitates the communication between you and the wedding participants, not to mention that you will not get the same thing twice or receive something you already have.

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The benefits of wedding registry

When it comes to weddings, everybody knows that the marrying couple has a lot of things to take care of in advance. On the one hand, there are plenty of things to do when organizing such an event: picking the best venue, deciding if there is going to be a thematic wedding or not, choosing the music, menu, decorations and so on. On the other hand, attending the event is not an easy thing to do either. Most of the times, guests are having troubles when they have to purchase the present for the happy couple, especially those who are close to them and need to pick something meaningful. Given the fact that sometimes, brides have to deal with uninspired gifts, while guests find it difficult to find the ideal present, a new practice has emerged and seems to solve all these issues: wedding registry. This means that with some time before the big day, the couple makes some sort of “wish list” that they share with all the people invited to attend the event, in order for them to know exactly what to get. Even if ages ago, this could seem something inappropriate, nowadays it has become an essential part of weddings in the United Kingdom, and not only.


The list can be made in a certain shopping centre or department store, but there are also certain dedicated platforms, such as Everything Begins, which offer their clients the possibility to choose the most unique products. This means more flexibility and freedom to select from a wider variety of potential gifts – you will not have to stick to a certain brand or price, because you can choose from items that are available in different stores. This represents one of the most important benefits that bridal registry provides, as far as the marrying couple is concerned: they can compile a wish list made exactly of the things they would like to receive. In addition to this, no one will have to deal with getting something they do not like or need, because the registry facilitates the communication between the receivers and the givers – this way each party will know what to expect from the other. Besides this, if the list is efficiently managed (the retailer is obliged to update it after each change), this will prevent duplicate gifts and embarrassing situations.


As you can see, the increasing popularity of this wedding practice is not only due to the benefits it offers to the marrying couple, but also the guests. Very often, people who attend weddings cannot come up with original gift ideas, which is why the bridal gift registry comes to the rescue. All the updates are made automatically, so as soon as an item is bought, it will no longer be available. If the couple wants to add other products gradually, they can also do this. So no more double presents, no more unwanted items or money spent in vain. The whole process is very discreet, and the giver will remain anonymous until the gifts are received.

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Share your wedding pictures online

The wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life, so the desire to take lots of pictures and make sure to capture every moment of it is only natural. Besides the photos and videos taken by the production team, guests and family members also make sure to make their own albums with amateur pictures and clips. At the end of a wonderful day, the number of pictures and films usually exceeds any expectations with the production team taking thousands and Smartphone users pushing the number even further. While the guests can immediately upload photos online directly from their phones, the newlyweds need to wait a while for the professional photos to be sent by the production team. The next day after the wedding, the happy couple needs to start gathering pictures from relatives and friends, if they do not want to wait patiently for a couple of weeks until the studio has the professional ones edited and out. However, sharing wedding photos is a challenge, because you cannot possibly meet everyone again to get the pictures and sharing them on social platforms has its limits. This is where online photo sharing sites become useful.


These online platforms will allow your guests to upload pictures in a single location making all the wedding pictures easy to access and to download. You will be able to download all your pictures even the highest quality ones fast and easy, while all your guests will get pictures taken by others. Online photo sharing is convenient, as it ensures free access and unlimited upload capabilities. Websites like Ourpictures4u.com do not limit the number of pictures or videos you can share, while providing free of charge services, which is great. What is more, you will also be able to upload all the photos and video files sent by the production company on the same site and make them available to all your guests without having to pay each and everyone a visit just to drop a CD.


Photo sharing sites are also used to store and edit pictures provided that you choose a reliable platform that puts an online editor at your disposal. You can rest assured that your precious wedding pictures are safely stored on an external hardware in case something happens to your computer. It would not be the first time someone lost all their pictures and documents because of an accident or hardware failure and you do not want to be one of the people that lost their wedding pictures permanently. Backing up your important files is essential and photo sharing websites can provide peace of mind besides helping you share your pictures and videos with everyone fast and easy. Another thing that you need to keep in mind about this type of services besides the limited number of photos some sites allows you to upload is the size limit. Some directories do not allow users to upload large files, so sharing professional wedding photos and videos on these websites is impossible. The good news is that you can find platforms that cater photos and video of high quality, which means that you will not need to resize your files to share them online.

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What should a professional wedding photographer offer you?

When planning a wedding, the happy couple should look carefully at each and every detail and without losing track of the established budget, choose only the best options in all regards. When it comes to photography you must not settle for anything less than professional. Photos are forever, which is why you have to make sure that they are of the highest quality. If these are so, then each time you will look at them, you will be pleased with the decision you have made. However, how can one decide among photographers? How can you be sure that the one you chose from all the Ottawa photographers is in fact professional? Well, studying the profile of the expert and services offered might provide you with some indications on this topic.


When searching for the right Ottawa wedding photographer, you will of course have to regard a lot of aspects like experience, recommendations and his or her work. However, once you have analyzed these aspects, you should consider yet another issue, which is the list of services offered. It is in this detail that professionalism can be found. Here is how you can easily recognize a specialist. First, you should consider equipment. A dedicated, trustworthy photographer will know that in order to satisfy its clients and at the same time follow his or her passion, investing in top of the line equipment is absolutely necessary. With advanced technology, the expert will be ale to provide you with incredible photos. Just the fact that you will have image clarity and depth should be enough to convince you that high-end equipment is just what you need for your event. Secondly, the album offer should be difficult to refuse. It is this specialist that should take care of this aspect, bringing forward impressive album choices. Furthermore, a professional specialist should offer you uniqueness. When thinking of wedding photography, most likely you imagine those traditional photos on the stairs of the church, when entering the restaurant and the cutting of the cake pictures. A real specialist should be able to offer you the style that best represents you and not something that everyone does for their wedding album. This is uniqueness, this is personality and this is what your photographer should provide you with.


What about professionalism in conduct? An expert that has been operating in this field for a considerable amount of time has certainly gained sufficient patience, not to mention communication skills. Working with a bride is not simple at all and the specialist has to be in her company all throughout the wedding day. You can imagine that without having a professional conduct, without being a patient, tolerant individual, the bride will certainly not be satisfied with your work. Professionalism is built in time, just like experience. Passion and talent may exist from the beginning, but it will be a while, before these will be properly expressed. When deciding on the expert for your needs, try to consider the aspects mentioned above. Of course you are more than welcome to skip the search and follow this suggestion. Matthew Liteplo Photography is an award-winning expert, a dedicated photographer and most importantly, a true professional that will do everything in his power to see to it that all clients are satisfied with the services offered. If you are looking for the right specialist for an Ottawa wedding, then this would be a great alternative.

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The latest trends in wedding photography

When it comes to planning a wedding, each detail seems to be relevant. There are so many decisions to make, that most people would feel overwhelmed, and one of the most important is choosing the right photographer. The most unforgettable memories have to be captured in the pictures, and these must look genuine and spontaneous, yet professional. Wedding photography has become a huge industry lately, and professionals are doing everything they can in order to bring innovation to their work. From performing devices, such as 3d robotics drones, to original decorations and editing programs, all of these represent the manner through which each photographer is striving to deliver the best services to their clients. The final result must be impeccable and also suit the clients’ personalities, but since trends change very fast, you will have to discuss in advance with your photographer, in order to avoid surprises. Here are some of the latest tendencies as far as wedding shooting sessions are concerned.


First things first, and this is the reason for which nowadays some couples choose to have proposal and engagement sessions. This, of course, depends mostly on the groom: since he is the one who decides when the proposal will take place, he also has to hire somebody to capture the moment. Taking into consideration that the future bride has no idea about what is happening, the pictures will turn out extremely natural and full of overwhelming emotions. In addition to this, the engagement shooting can also be used as a rehearsal session, during which you will get used to the person behind the camera. Most people do not feel comfortable when they are taken pictures of, so in order to avoid looking wry in all the wedding photos, you should ask the photographer if they are available for another session. This also represents an occasion for you to notice if they have experience and use professional equipment, such as that provided by Heliboss.


As far as the style of the pictures is concerned, slow motion photos are extremely popular. This means that the couple is installed in an animated décor, such as a crossroad or train station, and while everything else moves around them their photography remains still and is mixed in a short video. The results are often very meaningful, which is why more and more couples seem to be eager to try this. Another popular trend is represented by selfie or overhead shots. These are possible due to some new devices, such as the selfie stick or DJI Phantom Drone, that professional photographers have started to use in order to obtain the most original angles. Aerial pictures are very beautiful and natural, because they capture genuine feelings and facial expressions, taking into consideration that most of the time the grooms do not even know the pictures are taken. The whole atmosphere and celebration spirit is rendered in a photo where everybody is natural and feels comfortable. Individual portraits are also in great demand: the bride and the groom schedule separate sessions, and the resulting pictures are edited simultaneously.

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Wedding photographers in Atlanta – creating a story

It is a well known fact that wedding photography is one of the most important things on the to-do list of soon to be married couples, who spend a lot of time researching and looking for the best photographer in Atlanta to hire for their wedding. This is because photography has become a huge part of the wedding, going from simply having pictures to reminiscent the day to actually transposing the wedding day into a photo fairy tale. It has been long discussed and debated just how important it is for couples to choose their wedding photographer right, what steps they need to follow and how they can better make that selection, but few people have actually addressed the other side of the story: the side of the photographer. The selection process may be somewhat difficult for couples, but it is the wedding photographers in Atlanta who have to create these stories, to give them life and make them memorable. Even though there are many professional photographers that specialize in this field, not all of them can take pictures of events and different stages of such an ample event as a wedding is and actually turn them into a fable, but if you are interested in finding an excellent one, a good example is Courtney Ward Photography.


Creating a story through photographs means not only taking artful shots, but also surprising and comprising the gist of the event. Every wedding has a theme and every couple has its own little quirks and it is the job of the photographer in Atlanta to discover and capture these throughout the entire shooting session. Not only that, but just as every narrative has a storyline, the wedding photography also has to have one, capturing not just important moments, such as the ceremony or the first dance of the bride and groom, but also all the little and exciting details that make the plot of the story so thrilling, such as bridesmaids getting ready, the best man placing the flower onto the groom’s vest, bride and her best friends having a laugh over a glass of champagne while putting makeup on and so on. All of these moments are what makes the day, so wedding photographers in Atlanta cannot create the story without them.


Apart from designing a storyline and capturing all the appealing moments along, an experienced and specialized photographer in Atlanta must also create the story of a wedding by choosing the best possible locations for the shots. Obviously, most of the photos will be taken during the ceremony and the party, wherever these might be held, but excellent wedding photographers in Atlanta know how to find magical spots along the way to stop and take amazing pictures. It can be anything from a wooden bench in a small park that’s on route from the church to the restaurant to a great looking willow in the back garden of the party venue. Discovering these hidden gems and taking advantage of the great visual that they can offer is what makes a photographer the right choice for your wedding.

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