Bring the luxury from the hotel industry in your home

When returning from vacation, the memory of the amazing services still lingers. We want the comfort and luxury in our homes; we want the spa experience and the relaxation provided by small details like hotel bedding sets, towels and robes. Fortunately enough, we have the opportunity to purchase such items from certain retailers that have as audience both hotels and individuals like you and me. Their products have the same quality, regardless of the type of their customers, which enables us to provide higher levels of comfort and relaxation for all family members. Below are some bits and pieces we should consider to invest in.

  • High quality bedding sets

Egyptian cotton is the favorite fabric of hotel managers. It is durable, breathable, and cost effective at the same time. Also, generally woven in a special thread, it has a luxurious appearance. Furthermore, if you have ever suffered from abundant night sweats, this is the type of fabric you are searching for.  The fabric provides a continuous and even airflow. This means you will have a cool and comfortable goodnight sleep without feeling hot and sweaty. Egyptian bedding sets combined with a high quality mattress are the winning alternative for those having difficulties at night. Egyptian cotton is a durable fabric, making out of luxury bedding sets a long-term investment. Even Martha Stuart recommends using them specifically because of this reason. The weave is a tight one so it assures a prolonged life span, if cared for properly. Washing them once a week will help you get rid of dust and dirt, and maintain them in great shape. Make sure you search for this type of quality bed linen next time.

  • Bath robes, for a resort-like experience

Remember your last visit to a SPA? Remember how soft the robes were? Give yourself the same luxury experience by buying a high quality robe. It should be loose enough to permit movement and soft enough to assure a cozy experience when wearing it. A great fabric you should look for next time when you are searching for robes is terry velour, known for its highly absorbent and fast drying qualities. Also, this kind of fabric maintains a clean and soft appearance in time. Make sure your next after-shower time will be a relaxing and cozy one.

  • Pillows, for the most restful good night sleep

A good pillow will help you recreate the relaxing sleep you had while on vacation. Make sure you pick it well, accordingly to your sleeping habits. For instance, if you prefer sleeping with your face down, a good pillow for you is a soft one. Back sleepers would rather purchase medium pillows in firmness, and side sleepers the firmest pillow they can get. Also, make sure you invest in high quality pillows, like those you can find at Sobel At Home. Cotton, quilted pillows, seems to be the best alternative, since all hotel visitors seem to enjoy them the best.